The team




Åsa Johannisson is a director and  scriptwriter in performing arts and film. Her interdisciplinary approach has resulted in performances,films,exhibitions and curatorial work. 

As Artistic director of Circus Glass Royale and various artistic

research and development projects she has explored circus in collaboration with contemporary glass art and film. This has resulted in several performances such as: Requiem, Black Madonna, Fragile Fairy Tales,Catch!and FISH.  

In 2016 she participated in the expedition Arctic Ocean 2016 to the North Pole as part of the The Swedish Polar Research Secretariat´s Artist Programme. Based on the experience, she directed the play Polarfararna at Riksteatern in 2018.

Currently she is developing artistic and research projects focusing on the encounter in between Art and Science. Themes are sustainability and climate change.

Åsa is Assistant Professor in Performing Arts at Stockholm University of the Arts.

Creative team: 

Idea and concept: Circus By Me
Acrobats: Anna Nerman Sylla, Katja Kortström, Linda Petersson, Rebecka Nord, Seela Wanvik & Signe Veinholt

Musicians: Anna Rynefors & Anna Cederquist

Research and creation: All artists

Composition: Anna Cederquist

Light design: Sofie Gynning

Costume design: Sus Soddu

Director: Åsa Johannisson