The show




Physical tasks of women over the last one hundred years.

The show’s original inspiration came following interviews with Rebecka's grandmother Inga Stina about her grandmother, her mother, and herself.

The show aims to tell the story of women’s physical labour during the twentieth century.

How did they live? What were their physical duties? Did it look alike in all the Nordic countries?

The theme follows women’s physical tasks in the last century: clean the pieces of sugar beets, wash the clothes by hand, scrub the floor on the knees, be pregnant and draw water from the well in the bucket, and so on.

The project teases out questions about what lies behind the roles of the modern woman, what it means to be a mother, and what we pass on to our children.

Drawing from the theme of carrying and physical tasks, the show uses partner acrobatics as a tool of expression. On stage the team members work in duos, trios, and as a collective with static and dynamic acrobatics. 


The show is aimed for an adult audience but is also suitable for youths 13 - 18 years old. 

In Sweden we have material to tour within the concept of Skapande skola, and in Norway with Den kulturelle skolesekken. 


Please get in touch for more information about this. 


Stage: 8 x 8 meters

Hight to ceiling: 5 meters

Build up / take down  3h / 1,5h

Blackout: Preferably 

Technical sheet and price information is available on demand. 


Dynamo - workspace for circus and performing arts, Odense, DK

Sorin Sirkus, Tampere, FI

Landskrona stadsteater, Landskrona, SE

DansIt, Trondheim, NO